for vibration and structure-borne sound absorption

The Sylomer® material is a special PUR elastomer which, with its compact, cellular form, has many fields of use in construction technology and the machine tools industry. In most cases Sylomer® is used as pressure-loaded buffers. Spring properties can be matched to the particular engineering design, construction techniques and demands with careful selection of the Sylomer® compound, contact area and height.

SYLOMER® materials are available as continuously produced web goods and are specially suitable for use as a flat, full-surface elastic layer. Furthermore, industrial moulded parts made from Sylomer® are also available.

The standard series (see illustration) includes Sylomer materials with densities of up to 680 kg/m³. Special types with a specifically determined density or cross linking and solid materials can be produced for special applications. The fine cellular structure provides the distortion volumes necessary to meet both static and dynamic demands. This makes it possible to produce elastic bearing systems with full-surface load transfer. This provides great engineering and cost advantages, especially within the construction industry.

Insulate against machine vibration effectively

Machines produce vibration. This vibration is transmitted to the surroundings and can influence manufacturing processes running on other machines and thus the quality of the products. Vibrations disturb the immediate neighbourhood and the environment and cause damage to buildings. Sylomer® and Sylodyn® are materials which effectively reduce vibration and structure-borne noise. Depending on requirements, they can be supplied in various densities, material thickness and dimensions. The static loading capability of these materials lies within the range of 0.005 N/mm2 to 3.0 N/mm2 (0.5 t/m2 to 300 t/m2). Static and dynamic product properties are precisely defined. The effectiveness of the elastic bearing system can therefore be calculated in advance. A typical use is as a direct bearing system (covering the entire area and in the form of strips or as a spot bearing system) for machines using Sylomer® and Sylodyn®.

Direct bearings on Sylomer® and Sylodyn®

Loom base: Sylomer plates fitted beneath the base reduce the transmission of vibration into the floor.

In addition, elastic insulation of technical equipment and machines used inside buildings reduces the propagation of secondary airborne sound through ceilings and walls. This measure effects a considerable reduction in noise pollution in buildings containing many different types of equipment; examples include schools, hospitals, hotels and production facilities.

Adjustable machine base: an elastic Sylomer pad fitted beneath the machine base effectively insulates against vibration caused by motors, fans and pumps. A varying number of machine bases is used, depending on the weight of the equipment. The Sylomer® pad is equipped with a compact PUR layer on the side facing the floor. This facilitates equipment assembly.

Bearing systems on an additional mass

Machines whose bearing systems have to be tuned to low frequencies or which produce high levels of dynamic forces are normally located on supplementary support bodies such as, for example, a machine base or foundation. Sylomer® and Sylodyn® materials are used for active vibration insulation (protection of the surrounding area) or for passive insulation (protection of the machine).

Elastic bearing system for buildings

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1 shows the insulation of a complete building. The bearing system can be across the full surface area, in the form of bearing strips or even individual bearing points. The most favourable bearing system and the point at which the building is insulated depends on local conditions and the required tuned frequency. Normally the elastic insulation is arranged in the foundation area or directly beneath the basement ceiling. Figure 2 shows Sylomer® bearing strips fitted beneath a basement ceiling. A decisive factor in dimensioning the bearing system is the stress present at this point and the required tuning frequency. In doing so different Sylomer® types which vary locally can be used to match the loads involved. In the case of constant bearing thickness and a comparable, specific loading for all bearings, the spring deflection is the same. As a rule, excitement is effected by underground, tram or rail tracks located nearby. If it is not possible to implement measures at the trackbed itself, the building can be protected effectively against the introduction of vibrations by an elastic bearing system.

Semi-finished products and construction parts made from PUR elastomers for industry and the machine tool sector

  • Insulation plates and webs
  • Industrial moulded parts
  • Coverings for rolls and belts
  • Low-wear coverings for rolls and belts
  • Buffers, lashing elements
  • Spring elements
  • Underlay plates for industry
  • Sealing elements
  • Bonded materials
  • High-absorption PUR elastomers

    Fields of use of PUR elastomers in construction technology

  • Foundation bearings for compressors, drive machines and shock test equipment
  • Base bearing systems for fans and compressors
  • Passive bearing systems for machine tools
  • Bearing systems for heating boilers and pumping stations
  • Elastic bearing systems for: oil pumps, diesel generators, buildings, floors, room-within-room structures (sound studios),etc.

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